Gambling: A Look at the Negative Side of Things

Gambling is a controversial topic. While some people reckon it is the work of Satan, others believe it is the best thing on earth. For every person who feels gambling regulations should be tightened, there is another who thinks the laws need should be relaxed to favor the art. Whether gambling is a hobby, a pastime, or a source of income, one thing is clear: it is a vice too. Although there are people (only a few) who have built business empires through gambling, there are those (countless as a matter of fact) who went the opposite way. Most gamblers were better off before they started gambling but became bankrupt once they joined the game. Here is why gambling is bad:

Winning Is Almost Impossible

Certainly, winning (which is actually rare) at gambling is a good feeling, but there are countless instances of losses. Think of someone who has been consistently buying lottery or spinning the roulette wheel for the past 20 years but never got lucky. With only one chance out of 37 or 38 on the wheel, one can easily imagine how difficult it is to defy the odds.

Gambling Can Ruin Your Life

Gambling can tear your life apart: fact. It can crush any little hope left in you. Gambling enthusiasts lose loads of cash, run into debts, and lose their assets and even marriage. This may cause depression, and in extreme circumstances, one may decide to take their own life.

Gambling Causes Greed

The more you win, the more you want to gamble in the hope of winning more money, and this usually backfires at the end of the day because the house edge. The urge to continue playing usually comes when a player is on winning streak. Greed may cause you to lose all your winnings plus your entire bankroll. It is advisable to suspend gambling once you win something, no matter how little. Yes, Charles Wells spun the wheel 30 times consecutively and won 23 spins, but you’re not Charles. That was his day, and it was historical. Perhaps we will never experience anything of this sort again in history.